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Why is there hair all over my keyboard. Somebody in my house must be shedding.

The Wedge is the only good show on Muchmusic/the only one I ever watch. But it only comes on once a week, for an hour, it's so sad. Nothing else on that station is worth watching.

I want a McFlurry, or any type of ice cream for that matter. I really want an ice cream sandwich, they're fantastic.

It's nice and sunny outside today, but it's probably really cold out. I hope the snow goes away soon.

The random school bus we got home yesterday stopped right at the bottom of our street, that was exciting. The snow in the driveway was up to my knees, that wasn't as exciting.

We had to had pizza hut day at our house yesterday, and we didn't even eat pizza hut, because they weren't delivering. Not everybody was there, it was only me, Emily, Shawna, and Hayley. It was a sad sad day in pizza hut day history.

But we did watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which made me happy. What a great movie. When I went to sleep I had a dream that I made a really good shirt from that movie.

Last night I realized that sometimes I just shouldn't be around people.

The Buddy Holly Story was on last night, but I couldn't watch it....I was forced to watch America's Next Top Model.
Tyra Banks is very dramatic.
One girl looked like a cat. She called herself "Lady Kat". with a k.

Oh no, my song ended.

Todayyyyyyy = Nicole + Hayley??? maybe?

I figured out, that it's really easy to sneak out through the window in my brother's old room. I like sleeping down there.
The window is blocked by snow though. (Rhyme!)

Easter holidays in 19 days. 14 school days.

The sky looks like summer today.
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