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Get me away from here, I'm dying

It's been a while.

I should be doing a math presentation, but I'll write an entry instead.

I hate math, and I hate the mix is not good. I don't think I'll do one.

This weekend was pretty good. Friday I went out with Lisa, Stephen, and Emily. We just kind of drove around, and went to the mall in the process. We ended up here at one point, and then later we went to Jeff's.

Saturday-day I got stoned with DJ and Nicole....I missed that girl. I don't think I was very fun though, because I was just off in my own little world. But I still had fun.

Yesterday I went to the flea market with Lisa, Stephen, Jeff, Emily, and Ryan. I bought a nintendo...but the picture is all screwed up so I have to bring it back and perhaps get a different one, unless there's a way to fix it.
Genge, Chad, Andrew, and Anrew met up with us later and we went to Kung-Fu husstle. It was half funny, but not my type of movie. It was pretty stupid actually.

I really wish I could drive. I should have gotten my permit earlier...I could be driving by June/July.

I also wish I had a cd/tape player for my room, that would be great.

I need to make shirts for Monday, when "London Dispersion" play at school. I need a picture of the band though, I could do that tomorrow if I can get someone to bring in their camera. I'm going to have to make the stencil myself, hopefully it'll turn out okay.

We pretty much have a month a a bit left of school, because once you get to June it's just exam crap. That's so insane, this year flew. Kind of.

I can't wait for summer. Just the feeling of not having to do anything is great. School stresses me out too much.

Maybe I should make an attempt at that math presentation. Maybe.

I think I'll try to get my nintendo to work instead.
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