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Mmmm peanut butter and crackers for breakfast is always good. Yesterday I had a cookie for breakfast.
So healthy.

The show yesterday was good, it was so nice out. Except now my face is burned, one side more than the other. It looks weird.
The first part of the show kind of sucked due to lack of talent. Mind the Gap, Seasonal, and Kyle's Birthday were good though.

Show today? Maybe?
It's not very nice out though.

I'm making a shirt for Laura, and there's about 100000000000 letters. It's quite aggravating.
My life hurtsssss. Ouch.

I need to read Fahrenheit 451. shit.

Yesterday my dad was going to try to get a plane ticket for Edmonton. I don't think my uncle is doing very well.
I don't really want to talk about it right now though. So I won't.

I should go finish cutting that stencil.
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