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Today was so nice out, it made me happy. It reminded me a lot of summer (minus the snow) and now I'm excited.

I was going to use my allowance this week to buy a cd, but I might just go to Value Village and buy some shirts, and have a stenciling party. We're playing poker this weekend (ahahaha yeah we're cool) so if I win, I can buy a cd with that money, so I'll spend my allowance on shirts...maybe. I don't know, maybe I could do it the other way around?

I haven't made an entry since before Easter, but nothing really eventful has happened. I had a good Easter though, hopefully my summer will be the same. I'm too lazy to type what happened, so I won't go into great detail since I only know of one person who reads this.

Emily and I got a 52% on our science fair project....that kind of sucks. Oh well, it might have something to do with us not passing in our log book. Although, my sister had everything done for her project and only got a 56%.

Mrs. Follett is showing my music video next class, that should be interesting.

Nicole, you and I should do something this weekend, we haven't done anything since before you left for Europe.

Mmmmmm I don't think I really have anything else important to say. Except that we're doing the 90's in music class now, and it's excellent.

So I think I'll go now.
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